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Sunday, 28 January 2007

Weekly Summary - Week 4 of 2007

Only one post this week because Ive been out of town!

Last Tuesday I headed into Mackay for a few days to visit family and friends however Im still here! I decided to extend my visit an extra few days and how plan on heading back into town on Tuesday.

Ive had fun shopping around at the scrapping stores here and managed to find a few little things to add to my stock at Moranbah. My lovely mum babysat both kids on Wednesday and I went to the LSS for 5 hours to scrap. My first crop since Liam was born 3 months ago! I had soo much fun. Its so relaxing chatting scrap stuff with ladies and shopping as you scrap.

I did three layouts on the day and that is all I managed to do this week. I will take photos of them on Tuesday and upload to this blog - so make sure you come back to check them out! Im very happy with the layouts and I love how they turned out. Once again I tried to extend my boundaries with colour shemes. I did a brown/pink/orange/teal layout and a royal blue/lime green layout and a bright red/sea blue layout (these colours go really well together surprisingly!)

I did alot of painting and handstitching and distressing. Fun fun fun! Im loving the direction my scrapping style has taken of late. Its evolved into a style that I enjoy. But I really must remember to date my layouts!!!!! Im shocking with that :)

Have a great week!

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