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Monday, 3 September 2007

"want to do" list

my actual to-do list has greatly shrunk to only the following items:
1. CIS September kit instructions
2. CIS October OTP instructions

but its my "want to do" list that is killing me!!!
1. Aussie Scrapjack
2. Liz's layout challenges on the CIS forums
3. try out my new journalling stamps
4. use the gorgeous prima flowers that jolene sent me
5. try out some of the techniques from the book 'perfectly clear', or even just sit down and read it properly!!!!

so much i wanna do and not enough time.

tomorrow im gonna scrap while the kids sleep (hopefully!!!). I know i should be doing the instructions up for CIS but i got more time to do that and i am a procrastinator :D im thinking the scrapjack would be fun to do cos then i can maybe try out one of the stamping ideas from the book and hit two birds with one stone.

if you managed to get yourself a copy of this month's FK, turn to the felt section cos u will see a beautiful sleeping liam photo staring at you. I had another layout published this month. and while its an "ok" layout, im not really all that sold on it. the mags always seem to choose layouts i dont really like all that much!

but i have two in the next SC coming out on the 12th september and i adore both those layouts so check those out when it comes out. im the "artist in the spotlight" for the month so i have no idea what they are gonna put in there about me! they sent me a questionairre but i dunno if they edit or publish it exactly how ive sent it to them! i guess ill soon find out :D

have a wonderful week everyone!

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Joyce said...

Your list does still sound like fun!

I hope you will come share your creations at www.inspireme2007.blogspot.com