Karen Day

Saturday, 31 May 2008

rainy day today

i was SO disappointed!!!!!!!!! i actually had trouble sleeping lastnight because i was soooo inspired to take photos. i did a bad thing - i browsed photography blogs before going to bed. and i was too inspired to sleep!! i kept tossing and turning thinking about photos of the kids. so i was going to go do a shoot with brianna first thing in the morning. but i woke up to POURING rain!! and it rained all day. it drizzled/poured the whole time.

But i managed to get this indoor photo. brianna was very uncooperative though because she was cooped up in the house all day. at least i got one though :)

Liam in the bath. all i did was crop this photo. the colours and everything are straight from my nikon d60 .... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. i love my nikon. i love the way it picks up the colours.

i took this photo yesterday. the best thing about early winter (before it gets too cold) = kneehigh socks with 1960s style knitted dresses.

just thought i would do a photo share :)

but im doing real well with my to-do list:


1. Scrapboxx BOS layout - COMPLETED TWO LAYOUTS
2. Scrapboxx Feature 1 - COMPLETED
3. Five layouts for an SC article - ONE LEFT!!!!!! YAY!
4. Marijana's layout - my serious badness (sorry!)
5. SC Top10 layout for the beautiful Lusi :) - COMPLETED


1. Clean out my incredibly messy MM Tote - COMPLETED
2. Clean out scraps boxes and get rid of at least 70%
3. Edit photos from Sally's Bridal Boudoir photo shoot - COMPLETED
4. Do the wedding invitation for Kat's wedding - COMPLETED
5. Design the July KDD line - COMPLETED

Have a beautiful night :)

xxx K


niq said...

Hi Karen,
I love rainy day weekends! It means I can get a little lazy, and use it as an excuse to scrap!
Gorgeous photos, by the way, Liam's eyes are so blue!

Belinda Venables said...

Beautiful pics Karen. I just love the knee high socks - very cute!


kerry said...

Love the pics Karen cute socks too.take care Kerry xx