Karen Day

Thursday, 31 July 2008

my first digi scrapping attempt!!!

i saw on the aussie pub calls blog the other day a competition for digiscrapping and thought i would give it a go cos of the awesome prize!!!

here is my entry with more info about the credits and etc: click here

i wanted to do a layout made completely from non-digiscrap-kit-stuff. i found a great site called Urban Dirty and ive used one of their textures and turned it into a page background with alot of cropping and editing to make it more urban and grungy. this is the one i used:

and then i used some cool fonts that i found for free at 1001freefonts.com and some urban brushes ive had for awhile.

i tell ya what - talk about using alot of layers!!!!! i ended up having 20-something layers with this file. but it was so much fun. im definitely gonna stick to paper-scrapping. but this was a nice way to waste a couple of hours on the computer :) it was some nice 'down time' for me.

wish me luck in the comp!!!! the entries close midnight 31st july Tokyo time.

it looks a bit gammin small, so click on it to see all the details if u wanna.

This is the prize on offer: Bamboo Fun Tablet - Medium

sweet!!!!!!! i doubt ill win cos there are some pretty amazing layouts on there! and this is my first try at it. but oh well. doesnt hurt to try!!!!


in other scrappy news a french scrapper friend of mine - Sophie - has started off a free scrapbooking online magazine with monthly editions. this month is the first month avail in ENGLISH as well!! and it has an exclusive interview with THE tim holtz. so if u wanna go check it out here is the link to download. u will see the english version is the last link on the page:


this is the site for the free e-zine .... but its all in french so i have no idea what it says haha


was a fun read :D congrats sophie!!!! i havent heard of this before :)

xxx K


TiteC said...

Thanks a lot Karen !!! i hope you enjoyed reading it !!

just one thing... I SO wish it could be a monthly release... but NOT !!
We have a new issue every 3 months... this is a lot of work and we're only two working on it !! (and I'm the only one for the English version!!!)

thanks again

have a nice day

xxx from France

Kristy said...

well karen for ur first go @ digital scrapping way to go it looks great I just wish I had the puter brains to do stuff like that:(

kathie said...

Well I know nothing about digiscrapping but your layout looks pretty awesome, I reckon! Good luck with the comp.

TatumW said...

great job with the digi scrapping sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope it's been a good one.

tatum xx

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Karen,

This is amazing!!! I can't believe this is your first attempt at Digi..


Wendy said...

wow that urban dirty LO looks amazing