Karen Day

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Happy Sunday!!!

Today I created a couple of simple cards with the leftover scraps from the KDD Launch kit. Im SOOOO looking forward to next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a sneak peak into something secret that the wonderful Tatum Woodruffe has been concocting behind everyone's back ;) Thanks for letting me in on it T :D luv ya!

Self portrait #1 - 30 left to go!

I must admit that i didnt wanna do a non-face photo for my first self portrait in this series, but today Im not feeling 100% so wasnt in the posey mode :) But I thought I would share with you a part of me that I am self-concious about ... my "monkey toes". my husband lovingly labelled my toes monkey-toes when we were dating. I seriously have long toes. they are kinda like fingers. i bet i could write a novel with my monkey-toes. i freak out my hubby every time i spread them out like in the second pic. haha.

... and yes my toenail polish is slightly grown out :) tomorrow i promise a 'face' photo!


xxx K


Dee said...

Loving your cards - very cute, and your monkey toes are wonderful and unique - JUST LIKE YOU!

TatumW said...

mwah! Luvs ya too :) They all look so cool together! I've awarded you the blog award....check out my blog...hmm...first day of school holiday relaxation going on here :) Have a great week, hope that tooth is feeling better! Tatum xx

Char said...

Hey you...i tagged you and i just notice Tatum tagged you for the same thing..ha ha...you popular girly you!! anyways, now you can kill two birds with the one stone,lol!


Renee said...

You have been tagged, again!! :)

The cards are looking great!!

Good luck with the month of self piccies!!

xx Renee

NikJustNik said...

Love the cards Karen...Dont worry about your toes..one of my cousins has a longer toes than that... her second toes are twice as long as her big toe!!!

They are cool!!!