Karen Day

Monday, 14 July 2008


Yay KDD is now offically launched! not that it really needed a party but hey .... if there is an excuse to throw a party than i throw one!!!! :) visit the KDD blog for pics and a soon-to-come post with more info.

i was at the building from 10am till 3.30am the next morning - but didnt manage to scrap until 10pm. But I sooooooooo enjoyed meeting some locals who are also into scrapbooking and cant wait to catch up with them again! here are my creations from the night:

"its a sweet life" .... lluuuuuurve this sassafras lass stuff. fun fun. there is something sneaky on this layout too - can u guess?? if u think u know the sneakyness then post a comment and let me know :)

"every tiny detail" ... isnt it amazing how u can even love every tiny minute thing about ur kids!!!!

"ill always remember" ... i still remember when she said these exact words. it made me so happy :)

"amazingly beautiful" ... this is the layout i taught in the class. fun!

back to the real world! i let so many things slip to get this launch organised. so my to do list is a little bit daunting. not too bad though.

xxx K


Belinda Venables said...

So gald to hear that it all went well.

Love the layouts!


kerry said...

Love the layouts Kare and good to see you had a fun time.take care Kerry xx

niq said...

Hiya Karen,
The LOs look fantastic!
It looks like everyone had such a great time!
Try as I might, I can't find the sneaky bit on LO 1, has it got something to do with the circles?

Suzannah :o) said...

... ANd a great time was had by all... is it cheating for me to say that the sneaky thing is the brand new KDD chipboard... Love the new range Karen... Good job!

Kristy said...

hey I had a fantastic time and my guess for the something sneaky is it the circles they are the new KDD chipboard, I love the range cant wait to use it !

Karen Day said...

i shoulda said the girls who were at the launch couldnt guess! haha.

i cant wait to show it all :) im gonna give yas sneaky peaks bit by bit until they launch. i *think* they start selling in like a week or something. i got no idea. ill have to ask ange :)

the sneaks in that layout is the thinking speech-bubble and also the circle line. :D ive got something like 10 designs launching in this next line.

MarniT said...

So glad it all went so well! I'm so bummed I could not be there :(

The LO's look amazing darl!

Can't wait to see you new designs!

marijana said...

glad to hear all went well!!!
and those Los are just beautiful!!!

take care

Kawi said...

Love what you do!

scrappinshawnni said...

Hey there, Yes it was a wonderful time. I really enjoyed it! :) We will have to do it more often! :)

Thanks Kaz!