Karen Day

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

yay fun night planned! :D

i have some gorgeous papers from a company i havent scrapped with before - cant remember the name off the top of my head!!! so tonight im having a scrap night just for me! I havent had much of a chance to do this lately so tonight Im going to indulge :)

i could have done it lastnight but it seems my scrap table has become a dumping ground because I havent been scrapping much. so today I cleaned it off. and a clean scrap table always inspires me!!!

just gotta wait for troy to get out of the shower and fill up the ink cartridge for the printer ... *rolls eyes* ... why cant he be here to fulfill my every need when i need him?!?!?!?? anyone would think that i wasnt the most important person in his life. haha. i get so impatient sometimes. i swear his shower has taken at least 4 minutes so far! humpf!

tomorrow ill have shares. hopefully. i feel like im neglecting my albums. the kids will find a gaping hole in the albums where i havent been scrapping and there are no pics of them for a period of months :)

enjoy your night ladies.

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Kristy said...

haha Karen it must be in the air not getting any scrapping done I am like that at the moment too, I am having a scrap day on Sunday have a couple of friends coming over so that will be cool. Cant wait to see ur shares chickie