Karen Day

Friday, 3 October 2008

fresh out of the oven: rose moka!!!!

i thought i had died and went to heaven when i went to the LSS in mackay and my eyes rested on the most amazing papers ive seen!!! maybe it was just cos i was sick of seeing the same old designs, but i bought one of each sheet they stocked. the colours are vibrant, the designs fresh, and they had yellow! and if u dont know - yellow is my fav colour!

this isnt a great photo of the layout. the colours look washed out. but i took this photo as it was nearly dark so thats my bad!

If you havent seen any Rose Moka products yet check their blog out:
If you scroll down a bit u will see all their mini alphabets. if you know anyone in australia who stocks them let me know cos i am 100% positive ill be buying them in each colour available. how cool!!!!! drool drool drool!

and just for shares, here is the photo im scrapping tonight. this is the best photo i have of me and my sisters and brother together. i am the oldest girl, im on the far right. my bro is older than me and my two sisters are there as well. the one next to me is the youngest.

my mum was keen for it i reckon. 4 kids in 5 years!!!! LOL. couldnt my parents keep their hands off each other?? :) they are STILL like that! haha. its a bit embarrasing when i stay there and i see my mum walking around in her sexy nighties. have a bit of decency you young hooligans!


Petrina McDonald said...

LOL! at your parents!! My mum gets around in a short satin nightie too!!
And I like what you have done with the RM - I have that same piece sitting here waiting for attention too. Thanks for the inspo ;-)

niq said...

Hi Karen,
I agree - I fell in love with the rose moka at our LSS Mackay too!
I have the same PP, and also the brown and yellow, and the pink! (hehe - just couldn't help myself!)
Hmmmm, after seeing this gorgeous LO, I'll get cracking on a LO too! LOL.

MarniT said...

Wow that paper is amazing! I don't remember seeing it but will have to go see now me thinks....You can some of the RM stickers at KitiQ...they don't have the new colours but they do have Pink, Orange, Brown and Yellow...I bought 2 of each of course!

Kristy said...

Cool love the pp did see it but am trying to use what I have in my stash and im hanging out for the new BG so I have been trying to behave myself.HAHA which is very hard. Love the picture of you with ur brother and sisters too.

Jolene Pienaar said...

Loving Rose Moka too!! Gorgeous layout!
And I wanted to say a MASSIVE congrats on getting front cover of SC, how totally and utterly cool!!

Karen Day said...

say what?? i got front cover? oh drat jolene u told me at the wrong time!! the kids are asleep so i cant go check it out!