Karen Day

Thursday, 2 October 2008

surely my scales are lying to me!??!?!?!???

I weighed myself today because Ive noticed that my summer clothes dont fit me like last year. i knew that i had put on a bit of weight but i had NO IDEA!!!!!!!! I have put on 8 kgs in a year. EIGHT KILOS!!!!!!

and the worst bit is that now im an "eighties girl". my weight today is 80.8kg. this is so depressing.

and so today i started WW again. today went really well. i was tempted a couple of times but resisted. the hard bit is that in moranbah cos its a small mining town u rely on your friends heaps. this means that your social life is pretty full on. we have playdates every single day, at least once a day. we generally meet a friend or two for morning tea every weekday, and then maybe 3 afternoon teas a week. sounds excessive but i love my friends and the kids adore getting together. but this means LOTS of cakes and bikkies.

so ive told a couple of friends today, and ill tell some more tomorrow, to not serve me cakes! slap me across the face if im so much as looking at a bikkie. especially if chantal cooks cos she is a genius in the kitchen.

so here is my goal. im reluctant even as i type this, but it MUST be done! there is a challenge on the WW forums which i put my hand up for tonight. its 10 kilos in 12 weeks. Christmas is 12 weeks away TODAY!!! i would ADORE to be a 60s girl by Christmas. that is just over 10 kilos. we will see how i go :)

so here is my official week one weighin announcement:

week 1 (2 oct): 80.8kgs (goal for next week - be a 70s girl!)

ill definitely post next thursdy and let yas know how my weighin has gone :D im not gonna touch my scales till then!

xxx K

PS. i forgot to photograph the layout i did lastnight so ill share that tomorrow

PPS. i miss chocolate already

PPPS. im totally gonna buy a new outfit when i hit 75kgs.

PPPPS. goodnight :)


Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

Well hun I have to say I think you look totally hawt ;)

I will send you my recipe for these divine choc brownies that are fat free ( but taste like they are full of bad things)

Manon Keir said...

They sure are gorgeous papers hey!!

check out

They have loads of Rose Moka goodies plus they have a sale on this weekend!!

Ruth said...

Hey Karen,

I'm doing WW too and have had heaps of success with it. I rely on my good ol' points free soup for weeks when the going is getting tough =)

I have a little almost 1yo and i know what its like with bikkies at mothers get together. So I am sending you lots of good luck wishes with your hard work over the next 12 weeks.

I just keep telling myself that nothing tastes as good as thin feels.