Karen Day

Monday, 13 October 2008

totally sucks :(

ages ago we were promised something very important to us. a house to rent.

a close friend of my husbands was waiting for a BMA house to move into for free rent and he said when that happens we would 100% definitely be able to have his house. we even got pre-approval from my hubby's work for the rent $ he was asking. so then we waited. and waited. and have been waiting for FIVE months.

in amongst this waiting we have been looking for a different house because we had no idea how long itd be till he got his BMA house. and nothing came up!! so we were relying on this house because he had said without a shadow of a doubt we could have it. and there is just NO housing available in moranbah!!!

so today he told my hubby that his BMA house finally come through!!!!! yay! kinda. now he has decided that he isnt really happy with working for BMA and has decided to turn down that house and maybe look for another job. he hasnt decided yet. but now he needs his house in case he moves to another company. so we definitely cant rent his house anymore.

its totally not his fault - obviously he has a right to go back on his word. its his house after all!!!! im not cranky at him or nothing. im just disappointed that we are stuck here ... yet again.

thats what i get for getting my hopes up. i so desperately wanted this house. its beautiful. im totally 100% bummed over this. totally and utterly. :( sob sob

im gonna get a bit churchy now. i dont normally do here but it is on my mind so too bad! :) if u dont want to read it, just close this window down.

i was wallowing in self pity and was getting a big angry with God, because he knows how much i want a new house. ive really not liked living here for over a year now. and when u arent happy with ur home it really takes alot out of you. and ive had to deal with that for about 14 months. he knew how much i was anticipating moving into there. i was so sulky that i was even gonna just skip my nightly bible readings kinda as a subconcious tantrum. and so i tsk-tsked myself for being so childish and opened up biblegateway.com like normal. and guess what the verse of the day was!

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11

It certainly did lift my spirits. i am still bummed over the house. but i know things will work out for us. God is good. :) I just have to trust in Him.


In completely other news - i forgot to tell yas that i lost weight when i weighed in last Thursday :D :D :D I went from 80.8 down to 79.9 ---- booooyaaaaaah!!! :D im a 70s girl. woop woop! :) Ill let yas know how i go this thursday :)

Have a nice night!!

xxx K


Kristy said...

hey K total bummer bout the house but god dos look after us even when we get cranky or sad with him for one reason or another. Chin up chickie it will happen when its meant too. Congrats on the 70s club too :)))))) Did u get my email about the last week in october????

MarniT said...

oh sweetie! that is such a bummer, I so want things to go right for you regarding the whole house thing...but I do know it will happen when it's meant to and will be better than you ever expected it to be. Take care and c u in two weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the house! thats so sad! (i know how you feel about living and a place you dont want to be in - been there, done that twice!! - its a mining town curse!)
Hang in there something good will come along - eventually! (did for me!, now just to get the 4 bedroom house to fit us all! ...... lol)