Karen Day

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Oh my goodness!! I got cover again!

I just about passed out when I got word that I had Scrapbook Creations cover again. I am in total shock. This layout I didnt even think was anything special!!! But I guess thats they way it goes - you do a layout which you think looks good, and it doesnt even get chosen for publication. And then you submit layouts just for the hell of it and they get chosen!

I havent got my own copy of the magazine yet as the local newsagency hasnt got it in yet (typical moranbah!!!). So here is a tiny image of it taken from one of the online magazine subscription websites. I guess you can kinda make it out! haha.

Here is the layout itself. Its a bad pic once again. Bit fuzzy in the corner. I did this layout as a part of an article written by Tatum Woodroffe. I cant wait to see the whole article!!

I went through a craze where I was using this SR paper leaf cutouts on every layout :)

Hopefully the mag will be here tomorrow!


In other news, we just got back earlier in the week from a short mini-holiday in mackay. We woke up on Saturday morning and thought "lets go to mackay". So 2 hours later we were on the highway, bags packed, kids eating brekky in the car. It was such an amazing relaxing time. I reckon the unexpected holidays are the best ones :) even if they are short!

we took brianna to the movies, went to the blue water lagoon for some water play, fed the ducks geese and pelicans at the gooseponds, and hung out. we got babysitting on saturday night so troy and i could go out on a date ;)

we came back feeling like we had been gone for a week! Here are a few random snaps:

feeding the ducks (there were TONNES of ducks!!!!)

My boy isnt afraid of anything! this goose was nearly as big as he is.

This duck reminds me of our old pet duck "My Muscovy". They are the same type of duck - a muscovy. But my duck was cuter cos he was all white but he had a black mohalk! he was awesome. I miss him. He was a beautiful duck! He used to sleep on our feet.

Brianna is getting a really adorable little splatter of freckles on her cheeks!!! Its so cute :) If u click on this photo to view bigger u can just see them.

Enjoy your night!

xxx K


MarniT said...

congrats K!

Kristy said...

Congrats on getting the cover K and love the duck pictures and the freckles too:)

Petrina McDonald said...

Congrats on the cover Karen. Just goes to show that it is all about the photo and that gorgeous daughter of yours has IT. Beautiful :)

NikJustNik said...

Congrats Karen...It is gorgeous..Completely deserved. Will have to go and stalk my newsagent now!!!

kerry said...

Well done Karen as soon as i seen the cover at the newsagent i thought thats is a Karen Day cover.I would reconize your daughter anywhere.I went to buy it as i have n article in it too,my daughter couldnt take her eyes off herself in the magazine .Im sure your daughter will be just jumping for joy as well.Take care Kerry xx

suzie said...

Congrats on the cover...gorgeous layout..I so love your style of scrappin..you are very inspiring.well done!

Suzannah :o) said...

Good job on ANOTHER cover Karen! WOW! hoping one day it'll be me! Go you though...PS when's the next crop????hint hint hint *g*