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Saturday, 20 December 2008

my wishlist ...

Ive been having fun planning the furnishings for the new house and have been daily hopping around the internet checking out blogs and being inspired when it comes to interior design. Here are a couple of things that Ive spied tonight that I love. I am definitely gonna get the wall decal below!!

This decal is 8.5" high by 23" wide and would look PERFECT on the mocha wall in my living room. I love the idea of being able to put something other than photoframes on my walls. This can be found here for $35 (au$) which includes postage - and I could just about spend another $100 or so on the other gorgeous designs in that etsy store. Wouldnt it be fabulous to design your own little signs to put above ur kids bed and get them made there!!! I would LOVE to do that as my kids share a room with each side of the room being a mirror image of the other, except for colours, and itd suit the design perfectly.

And check out these cuties.

They are from this etsy store!! How sweet.

Anyways, im off to bed early. I had a terrible day. The kids were grumpy all day and had a few timeouts each, they didnt have a daytime sleep, i got stung by a bee on my calf muscle at the pool this arvo and it REALLY hurt, I was really tired cos lastnight i couldnt get to sleep till after 2am, and I ate my emotions by having a slight "im tired" binge of chocolate this arvo. Im so disappointed with myself!!

But I have to look on the bright side - at least my kids were with me to cuddle and kiss. Alot of parents dont have that this Christmas, so I cant take that for granted.

Im off to bed now. Night!

xxx K

PS. Catherine, that is the decal i was telling you about! ;) Christmas wishlist material :D

PPS. It was 44 degrees today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hottest day of the year. My shoes were basically melting into the road on the way to the pool.

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