Karen Day

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

i need a fresh start ...

i SO cant wait for the new year. i think this is the most anticipation i have felt for a "new years" ever. i really feel that at this stage in my life i need to recognise a new beginning. this is for many reasons including:

  • im feeling a bit burnt out after a tremendously busy November
  • ive just rejoined WW with the goal to lose 15 kgs. I tried not long ago to do it from home but was unsuccessful. If I attend the meetings then I always have success. So ive signed up for the "unlimited" plan. And after only 1 week I have lost 1.6kgs already (woohoo!)
  • we get the keys to the new house on 22nd December so will be moving over slowly over the Christmas break. We have organised a holiday house for the break, so we are staying there for a bit, then back out here to move, then backwards and forwards a bit over 2 weeks.
  • im taking January off in regards to photoshoots - not one! (ok maybe one for my bestie Chantal who had her little baby boy 2 days ago!)
  • I need to reorganise and refocus my priority list. Ive yet to sit down and think it all over but I plan on doing this while on holidays.
So until the new year I will be quiet here. I am going to do another post tomorrow or the day after because the next awesome Scrapboxx newsletter is out and its jam-packed full of inspiration!!! So I will be sharing those projects with you here once I get on the other PC, as it has the pics on there.

While on holidays im planning on giving this blog a facelift too, cos its looking very outdated and im SO over that photo in the banner LOL.

The gorgeous Marni Telford is visiting me tomorrow so I am totally excited over that. And maybe I can con her into taking my photo so I can put an updated pic up. We will see how time goes.

Anyways, I hope you ALL have a wonderful Christmas!!!!! And try not to get too carried away with the sales :D


Monique said...

Hi Karen

Good on you for taking a break!
I do hope to see you - if you can fit it in with moving, xmas, family and all, during your hols!
Say hi to Marni for me!

TatumW said...

gorgeous...just remember to breath :) make some lists ;) and have a fabulous time with miss M there...wish I was coming for a sleepover too! hope that the moving goes smoothly & have a wonderful christmas xx

MarniT said...

I agree with T...just breathe! You will get it all done and be settled in your new home soon enough...I had a great day with you the other day, it was cool just to hang out and I hope I helped some. Will catch up with you really soon.