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Sunday, 21 December 2008

idea for displaying prints

My #1 fav photographers for inspiration and drooling is the amazing husband and wife duo over at the image is found.

Tonight im feeling a bit under the weather - i think im getting a cold. and i was just doing a very quick check of my fav blogs before falling into bed for some much-needed sleep, and Nate had posted up how he displays his family photos. i adore this idea!! so i just had to jump on here and share. he said that he finds it hard to select which pics get onto the wall, which i can SO relate to! so he just chops and changes the pics all the time.

Its just a magnetic white board and a heap of cute mini magnets. pick them up for cheap from an office supplies store.

i can imagine the most perfect corner of our new kitchen that this would suit fabulously. so ill double check the house tomorrow cos its been a month since we have been in there and we get the keys in the morning.

what do u think? also, make sure u check out the image is found blog. they will blow your mind.

xxx K

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