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Friday, 19 December 2008

Goodbye to my beautiful friend Dee

Back when I was on the CIS DT I was fortunate to meet a wonderful person - Dee Lewthwaite. You may remember this post I made for her.

Over the past year she has been struggling with cancer, and this morning her body couldnt take anymore and she passed away. We used to sit in msn for ages and chat, and it saddens me that she isnt around to make the world a brighter place anymore. She will be missed by so many, especially the CISters. As she was very active in that community when I was a DT member there. I wish I was closer so I could go to her funeral, but I cant travel to Victoria at the moment because I cant afford it. This is so sad, and Ive been crying on and off about it all night since I found out. I wasnt going to post about it here but in the end I wanted to share in case someone who knew Dee didnt know the news and came here.

If you knew Dee and want to pass on a message to the family this is her blog:
http://dee-days.blogspot.com/. Her dad checks the blog and Dee taught him how to post messages etc.

She leaves behind two beautiful little children. And her scrapbooks will be there for these children as they grow up - a testament as to how much they were loved by their mother.

Ill miss you Dee ... I love you heaps.

xxx K

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Rachael said...

Thanks Karen for passing on the news. xoxo