Karen Day

Friday, 19 December 2008

so what do u think?

I wanted something a bit cleaner. so i dumped the left column and u can find the category links just below the banner. ive got 191 posts here though so i am NOT going to go through those and categorize them though :) so the sections only start today.

i am SO looking forward to next year, and this blog will help me plan stuff and document the process.

the blog will no longer only just be scrapbooking as alot of my family check back here regularly. so itll be about other stuff more to do with whats going on in my life. up until just recently i didnt really like to talk about my life online. but ive decided to open up just a little bit. the change of thinking came about because id love to be able to read back on this a year or two from now and not just have scrapbooking stuff documented.

anyways, ive been editing photos and working a bit on this tonight so im very tired. so just a quicky post tonight. i will be back with scrap shares tomorrow!

xxx K

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