Karen Day

Sunday, 30 November 2008

off to mackay tomorrow!

i have two photoshoots booked in, one tuesday, one wednesday. but i will be back by Friday because I have another shoot here in Moranbah on Saturday morning.

i will leave u with this pic of the kids taken a couple of days ago. this is what you resort to when you are trying to save water in Moranbah! the pic isnt perfect, but most of the pics had brianna being quite "indecent", seeing as she is topless here. So this is the best you get :)

poor liam got SO ripped off with his tiny bucket! LOL. im gonna go buy another big one for the nexttime we go swimming in buckets on the patio :D

Have a safe week everyone!

xxx K


Sarah said...

lol oh take them to the pool mum!!!

Janine said...

Hey there Karen- love the bucket pools!!!

By the way- I have a little something for you on my blog!! :0)

Karen Day said...

oooh how intriguing :) off to ahve a look!

Kristy said...

HAHA love the pictures K