Karen Day

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

KDD blog is now live!!!

ive decided to start off another blog specifically for my KDD stuff. I wasnt too happy having it all here on my personal scrapping blog. I prefer it seperate! Anyways, so if u wanna keep up to date with the latest KDD goss and for chances to participate in blog parties and giveaways then head on over to ...


It went live about 10 mins ago :)

And also - check out my new baby!!!! Nikon D60. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It arrived yesterday in the mail courtesy of my darling, wonderful, spectacular husband. I didnt think i could love him more but now i think i do!! haha.

But I dont think he was too impressed lastnight when I said we had to co-sleep my new camera until he was used to his new surroundings. And no, he didnt sleep on my pillow .... he slept on my bedside table. (and yes, my camera is a "he")

Here is a layout I recently did for Pencillines. I was the guest designer this week. So much fun!!!
Check it out - the layouts this week are amazing (as always!!)

xxx K


Kristy said...

So im heading over to have a look at KDD blog and as long as im not in labor I will be checking the PARTY out cant miss a party. ANd I love your new Baby I do hope that ur DH is ok with co sharing (haha)

niq said...

Hi Karen,
Your little man is growing so fast! Love the gorgeous layout - and the new baby! At least this one you don't have to worry about night feeds! ha ha

kerry said...

Love the layout Kaz and the new baby is very cute.Just waiting for its mama to feed it lol.take care Kerryxx

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

thank you so much for joining us...I Love your layout!~!!