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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Which Desperate Housewife are you???

Go on!! Do the quiz and find out!!! Then scrap your answer as part of the Scrapboxx monthly Book of Me challenge! Im in charge this month and this is the layout I came up with:

Maria asked me to design a couple of acrylic stamps to match the papers so they are included in the kit if you wanna purchase that one as well. These are exclusive to the kits so go GET IT!! You get two stamps in the kit. One is shown above. Check them out over at the Boxx!!

so for a bit of fun you have to do this quiz: http://uk.tickle.com/test/desperatehousewives.html

do NOT fill out the contact details at the end, just click "Skip this step" .. you dont have to fill out the details. Then you have to scrap a page about your results. Do you agree? Disagree? what type of housewife do u think you are??? Thought I would keep it very lighthearted and fun

Im sposed to be like Bree!!!! I think I am partly Bree - but i see alot of Susan in me too. what about u???

Upload by the end of the month!

xxx K

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Inspiration Alley said...

Love the layout and tomorrow will try the quiz and scrap the layout.