Karen Day

Friday, 4 April 2008

i realised today ....

my boobs have shrunk.

liam weened himself 3 weeks ago suddenly (it broke my heart) and my milk has officially dried up. boohooo!!!! i put on a bra today and realised that it could be used as a tote bag while still actually ON my body!!! there is THAT much space in there!! I could fit my whole bazzill collection in one cup, and all my tools in the other. its very sad to tell u the truth!!

So after this post im going to have a moment of silence to mourn what is gone forever for me.

And then when this sickness is gone ... its time to go shopping ...


xxx K


linda said...

Go shopping for nice small lacy new ones

Jane said...

I'll share Karen - I'd be happy if mine shrunk a cup size or two or three!!!

Hope you're all getting better and soon you can shop for some cute, lacey ones.

Love your new line of products - too cute.

kerry said...

That is too funny Karen i hope that you get new bras that fit.Some pretty lacey numbers.take care Kerry xx

TatumW said...

I am hearing you girlfriend! Happy shopping! Tatum xx

scrappinshawnni said...

Oh I so remember the feeling of weening. Cried for a week! LOL

At least you can still wear the cute, frilly, pink ones if you want to. Skin coloured over the shoulder boulder holders just aren't that cute. ;)

Hope you are getting better soon!