Karen Day

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

my boy is growing too fast :(

Today I edited this photo that i took of liam a couple of days ago .... the day before my new camera! doh! anyways - it totally reminds me of how quick time flies. especially seeing as he is in his little pinstripe suit here. too adorable. my baby is growing so quick :(

thank goodness for scrapbooking - it helps me to capture each stage he is at. but still - its making me feel a bit sad. probably cos one of my closest friends here just found out she is preggers (woohoo!!!!) and Im not planning on having more.

but one thing that made me happy today is I got an email from Kim at SC and she has invited me to write an article!!!!!!! how exciting! my first one :) so i gotta get on top of that one quickly while my mind is buzzing with ideas!

xxx K

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Kristy said...

its sad how quick they grow up, I am happy I can capture their moments and then scrap them, to think I am going to be a mum again in about 3 weeks its so exciting but Im not having anymore after this one 3 is enough I think.