Karen Day

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

How exciting!!

Im seeing KDD pop up in places now - a couple of DT blogs and a little bit from ppl after the SIA when there was some class or samples available I think?!!! this has to be the most exciting thing to happen in my lil old country life in a while :D Here are a few Ive spotted around the place:

Found on Michelle Vass's Blog (clouds):

Found on Kathie Link's blog (trees) and also at Scrapboxx gallery:

Found in a minialbum on Kim Arnold's blog (birdie):

Ive seen it in two other places but cant think of where ?!?

Anyways, its now up on the Scrapware wholesale page so send your stockists HERE and request some stuff :) Its now released to the public. Let the fun begin!!

Ive already sent off some more designs so u will see them coming out soon. There should be new stuff each month. yippee!!

xxx K


marijana said...

whooo Karen!!they look AWESOME!!!!
cant wait til I get mine -lol :)
and BTW thanks for the link to Sheye Rosemeyer photography blog.She is awesome and such an inspiration.I sat down and read her "story" and just cried and cried.
Thanks again

Kristy said...

how exciting karen Im glad they have been released but question is where can i get my hands on some and a ? what about the Acrylic Album u were working on at the crop the other week???? Kristy

karenday said...

hey kristy!! the album is released too. email me at karen @ tkday.net and ill see if i can find who stocks them :) isnt it gorgeous!!!! im buying another one cos it was so beautiful.

you could probably ask Magical Memories if they would get them in stock? they may want to if some interest is shown locally.

apart from that Scrapboxx is getting some in. and i think Crafting in Style is getting them. I have no idea who else is getting them. i can ask Ange from Scrapware for u :)

but if u put word out at ur fav shop they can order them in maybe.

kerry said...

Karen thats fantastic i hope that all goes well with your new venture you clever chick.take care Kerryxx