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Monday, 14 April 2008


I have no idea why, but i signed up for an etsy shop. i dont know what im gonna do with it but maybe ill think of something soon :D ill keep ya posted!!! If you have any ideas feel free to comment and let me know!! Maybe I could embellish my KDD Scrapware products and sell them decorated and ready to use on your layouts. I dunno - Ill have a think

Scrapware competition:

After the random draw the winner is Tam - with the username "Tam, Brad, Jasmine and Ethan" but you dont have a profile set with Blogger so I dont know who you are sorry!!! can you please email me at karen @ tkday.net so I can pass on your details to Ange from Scrapware so she can organise your prize :)

Scrapbooking Creations

Marni ^^

So I get my copy of SC today and my beautiful friend Marni Telford has totally ROCKED this issue!!!!!!!!! She had her name on the front cover - which I got so excited about for her. And then she had TWO articles included. One was a fabulous article about scrapping styles being influenced by fashion eras. And also a second article about her scrapping space. Plus she had another beautiful layout in the quickgrabs section. Talk about rocking the scraps!!! *snaps* to you babe - you did a wonderful job!!!

I hadnt realised this issue was coming up soon. I also had two layouts in the Quickgrabs. And this reminded me that I really must submit to magazines again. Because its been a good couple of months since I did that I think. It feels like forever. Anyways, Ive posted these before, but these were in SC#53 - out yesterday i think.

Have a wonderful week girls!! mwah mwah!!!

xxx K

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