Karen Day

Thursday, 17 April 2008

another secret!!! oooh i quite the secret-keeper now arent i!!!

I have a secret ... Sssssshhhh! will announce in the next fortnight. but it requires a headshot. so here is what i looked like this morning! it was so cold here this morning so ive got my PJ bottoms under my dress and ive still got bedhair in this pic. just straightened the front so i looked half decent. i feel alot more comfortable behind the camera taking other ppls pics - so ive gotta get used to sharing pics of me!

And my beautiful neighbour Leeann got induced today!!!!!!!!!!! no word yet. I have no idea what she had. But I took these pics of her just before she went into town to have the bub. ive been thinking of her all day so thought i would share. we got sooo many beautiful photos its hard to choose which are my favs!

hopefully ill soon be able to share some photos of her little newborn!!!

xxx K


Shawnnita Fairbairn said...
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Shawnnita Fairbairn said...

WOW Great Photos!
Thanks for Sharing!

OH Another Secret!!! Can't wait until it's out! :)

Char said...

Great shots Kaz....

Kristy said...

Hey Karen what beautiful pics of ur neighbour when are u coming to mackay again I would some pics of my belly like that and self photos get better with practise( im still mastering that) Any word on those albums yet?? Kristy

Anonymous said...

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