Karen Day

Friday, 6 February 2009

another bargain homemade dress

i think im sewing so much so that i can avoid the photos i need to scrap. its not going to work. i know that this weekend i gotta get them out otherwise my kids scrapbooks will have a huge gaping hole in them from when i got lazy and distracted with other things :)

so here is today's scrapbooking-avoidance task ...

a pillowcase dress. this dress is made from a pillowcase from the salvos (50c) plus some trims/buttons from my scrap stash. it looks super-cute on Miss B. she loved it cos i let her pick the buttons.

i hope this weekend finds you inspired to create! but either way, make it a good one :)

xxx K

PS. if u wanna learn how to make a pillowcase dress just google it and u will find a bazillion tutorials and variations you can do. all very simple and quick!

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