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Friday, 13 February 2009

im SO excited!!!!

for three reasons:


Scrapboxx retreat is in LESS THAN A MONTH!!! I am just about hyperventilating from excitement :D My class kits are now up for sale, but no sneak peaks as yet because they contain gorgeous new CHA stuff. *heart is fluttering*

If you happen to be near Augusta .... or can make your way there ... I highly recommend coming along. Im nowhere near there - but im still going!! In fact, I have to drive two hours to mackay, then fly to Brisbane, then fly to Perth, then drive another 4 to 5 hours to get to Augusta. now THATS dedication! But then on the way back Im traveling the 4-5 hours to Perth, then flying to Melbourne, then to Brisbane, then to Mackay, then driving the 2 hours back to Moranbah. I will be touching ground in 3 states in the one day.

There are over 50 ladies attending so far, and its going to be an absolute blast! If you want more info go here. Im so excited to be teaching classes at this retreat :D Im SO looking forward to sharing some time with my fellow Boxxers :)


I got my next pack of Karen Day Designs from Scrapware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These designs are going to be released at SIA and I had so much fun designing them! I got the packs yesterday and felt so inspired when they arrived. Once again I have tried to think "outside the box" when it comes to whats on the market at the moment with chipboard/acrylic/wood products and hopefully u will love the latest release as much as I do :)

I have another 12x12 inch design which I love, some more little handy bits and pieces, and also some new little characters who are busting to meet you! Ive even got an OTP item! And its made from wood, acrylic and also chipboard ... but its not a minialbum :) You will have to wait and see :D


I lost 0.9kg at WW this week :D So I was wrapped about that! i cant wait to be back in the 60s. shouldnt be too much longer!!! probably another 2 months, which will go really quick!

I have some scrap shares for you! I will share some later today, and the rest will come at the end of the weekend cos Im not allowed to share with u yet!

And cos its virtually illegal to post anything without having photos here are my kids yesterday arvo. it was pouring rain here by the bucketload and playing in the rain is the ultimate kid thing to do!! so i couldnt resist kicking them out of the house for some fun.

(liam had jocks on, but it was still inappropriate for the net. so im sorry for the big black box!)

Have a fab weekend.

xxx K

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Cherie said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for poping into my blog...Men and their cars...I went along just to see the stig...LOL

I was reading your blog this morning and admiring all the gorgeous stuff you have been sewing...it is just fantastic...I wish I was a bit more talented on the sewing machine...

Must also say congrats on the .9 weight loss this week, thats fantastic

Have a great weekend
Cherie xx