Karen Day

Monday, 23 February 2009

Innocent?? or not so innocent?!?!??

Liam today was such a character. When Brianna is at kindy i see a whole new side of my little man :) he kinda comes out of his shell a bit!

but here he is in all his innocence ....

and then literally 3 frames later ... (he musta been thinking about brianna!) that little snarl is too darling ...

I have been scrapping to get ready for the next KDD release at SIA, but I cant share any of that at the moment :) So here is some sewing Ive done.

I got some half price spiderman polar fleece at Spotlight over the weekend when we went into town. So I used a meter of it plus also an old black Tshirt of troy's to make this scoodie and pants matching combo. The whole outfit took less than an hour to make and cost me $7. We are getting ready for winter now so Im prepared and dont have to rush out and BUY clothes. I want to make as much as possible so the kids have original clothes, plus also save some $$.

And I also turned a ladies skirt into a dress for Brianna. Ive made her another gorgeous teal and red dress but havent photographed it yet.

I need to grab some polar fleece for brianna so she can have a matching scoodie and pant set! If you want links to the tutorials for these items of clothing check the links in my sidebar to the right!

xxx K


Raechel Gribbin said...

Wow Karen... you are a clever sewer and looks like liam loves his new outfit, I should give sewing some clothes a go although my girls are bigger now, it is probably easier when they are littlier to make stuff... hope your having a good week... happy sewing xxx Raechel :o)

TatumW said...

You have been sewing up a storm girl! Love Brianna's dress u made from the ladies skirt, just gorgeous!! Funny how the kids personalities change when they don't have their older siblings around :) Have a great week xx

Kristy said...

Clever lady, I just love what you do with valances, skirts and anything you can find at a bargain price and I have noticed changes with Taya since jack started prep, its just amazing to see the different side of my Taya. Keep up the fab sewing kristy

Christine said...

Loving your sewing! You are a clever chicky!

Sheree said...

Karen you really are so clever! Looks like Liam's quite pleased with his new clothes! (Those first two pics of him are so cute!!)

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Sheree xx