Karen Day

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Today I made brianna a skirt :)

for the grand total of $1. I went to the op shop to purchase material. but when i found this little linen skirt:

look at that print!

it was sooooooooo cute. but it had slight discoloration in places because it was really old. it had the yellowing thing happening to parts of the white. but cos of that it was only 50c. so i snapped that up. and then i found this matching pillowcase for another 50c ...

so I unstitched the pillowcase so i had a length of fabric. and chopped up the skirt.

then i resewed it all together and i had this gorgeous skirt, complete with a bow on the back! not bad for a noob sewer. she loved it. and i loved that it looked so "country".

now i just gotta get some green trim to dress up this pale pink singlet so she can wear them as a set :) i love that how when the singlet is tucked in it looks like a dress.

but i spent $8 all up at the salvos and i left with a big bag of fabric, clothes to unpick, and linen to chop. so im hoping to make brianna a bright red, white and mid-tone blue dress over the weekend :) ill post up here when finished!

have a great weekend :)

xxx K


Felicity said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt.. How talented are you.. Me and my sewing machine dont always get along... lol

Felicity xx

scrappinshawnni said...

Very Cute Love! :) Your are uber talented :D

Love ya!