Karen Day

Saturday, 28 February 2009

So excited!!

i just purchased a pattern from the 1920s to make a toddlers cloche hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can just imagine the possibilities with jazzing it up to make it more modern! i love Angelina Jolie's cloche from Changling

The flower in her cloche is totally like a prima flower!! so i think ill make one that looks authentic - thanks to Prima. But ill also make a red one maybe with a bunch of cherries appliqued onto the side, or a big funky fabric flowers in a bright colour. something more colourful thats suited to a 4 year old girl :)

aaaah im one happy mummy tonight :D

anyone know where i can purchase felt online? i know they sell it at spotlight by the meter but im not going to town for anther 2 weeks and im busting to get started! let me know if u know :)

xxx K

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Marilyn said...

Hi Karen
Have you tried Lincraft, they have an on-line store or you could try ringing spotlight and get them to send you some.


Hope this helps