Karen Day

Sunday, 8 February 2009

more fun :)

ive been having a ball lately with sewing! i sewed another dress and another skirt yesterday - both of them a bit more advanced than the ones i did earlier in the week. trying to build my way up to something really complicated. something like these:

1. corset top - http://youcanmakethis.com/info/hats/How-to-Make-a-Corset-Top-With-a...
2. layered tulle skirt - http://youcanmakethis.com/info/hats/How-to-Make-a-Layered-Tulle-Twi...
3. peasant top - http://youcanmakethis.com/info/hats/How-to-Make-a-Peasant-Top.htm

i squealed when i saw those patterns. i can totally see brianna wearing them in a gorgeous yellow, red and hot pink colour combo!!

and the fourth one im interested in is a really sweet hat that i want to make in matching fabric: http://youcanmakethis.com/info/hats/How-to-Make-a-Newsboy-and-Cloch...

but thats $40 US dollars ..... $60 AU dollars. just for the eBooks.

i nearly passed out when i saw those. but troy isnt too impressed with the price tag. but if i got it then id be making that for friends/family for special occasions. so itd be worth it. i just gotta convince troy ;) the hat would make an awesome gift.

but here is the free tutorial for the following blue and red dress. i made the dress out of two matching red pillowcases ($1), a blue skirt (50c) from the salvos, plus some buttons/ribbon out of my scrap stash. im really enjoying recycling fabrics.

for this dress i actually didnt pick apart the skirt once i bought it from the salvos. ive used it as i bought it. so i followed the tutorial for the bodice, then just made a ruffle out of more of the red floral fabric and sewed that onto the bottom. then joined the two sections. i also changed the tying of the corset a bit. i added an extra bit of ribbon that goes around her neck and ties into another bow at the top.

this is my fav item out of the 4 ive made this week:

i did a boo-boo with the straps. u can see it in this pic. i sewed the lining to the bodice forgetting about the strap loops. so i had to sew those differently. i now know for next time tho! i was so lucky that i had 2 meters of this ribbon in my stash as it was a perfect match to the skirt material.


and i also made this twirly skirt using this free tutorial. for the fabric i found a floor-length size 10 girls dress (Pumpkin Patch brand) at the salvos for $2. i unpicked the dress and ended up making this skirt plus i have heaps of leftovers. the material was in mint condition but i wasnt too keen on the pattern. but brianna fell in love. and she was begging me for a "watermelon skirt" .... i dont know if she realised that its actually oranges on the material haha.

the skirt goes into a full 360 degrees - perfect for twirling :) her face is so silly. but i dont bother with her posing cos its just "her". its totally brianna!

i also grabbed this hat while i was at the salvos and tied some scraps around the top.

Cost of the hat and skirt combined = $6.

See - i should be allowed to get spend the $60 to grab those other patterns :D

xxx K

PS. if anyone else is keen on getting those "you can make this" patterns please let me know. i was love to share the costs because its a PDF document u get sent through email. so we can share the tutorial :D makes it affordable if we split the cost.


Scrap Simply said...

Just came across your blog. That dress is darling!

Karen Day said...

thanks :) brianna loves it!

lusi said...

Hi Karen :)
Hope all is well your way mate.
LOVE that post about the question from the lady with no kids and then the response - so accurate hey.
Thanks for the tips about the cloth nappies...still yet to decide but you have me thinking!
And am SO INSPIRED by your sewing efforts mate! Have just begun sewing for the first time this year and am loving it!
Lots of love to you,
Lus x