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Monday, 2 February 2009

ive *actually* been creative! (shock horror)

ive had so much fun this last week. Ive been feeling a bit more like my normal self and have scrapped a couple of layouts, done some OTP and even sewed a bit! its been so refreshing and nice. hopefully it is the beginning of a very creative year. ive missed the feeling. im scrapping again tonight - so 'yay'!

anyways, I have shares. the latest awesome Scrapboxx newsletter came out today and I made something for it but its been moved to the next month - so u will have to wait for that one!

but something else, i have decorated this Scrapware milk crate in a super-simple way:

we've had rainy weather basically non stop lately so its been hard to get nice photos. so just excuse the horrible photo quality above.

my kids love to colour. and i mean LOVE to colour. they have a craft table and they colour in their books and do drawings probably 3 times a day, each time they last about 15 - 20 minutes at a time. they both love to be creative. so i made them this box to keep their colours in so i dont ahve to clean up pens off the floor what feels like 50,000 times a day! they both were excited about the crate and sat down to colour as soon as i gave it to them - almost as if to test it out. so cute.

also, big news in the Day household! brianna started kindy today!! she was such a big girl. i was so proud of her. shes very socially confident, so as soon as we walked in she went off and played with the other kids and couldnt have cared less when i left. when i said bye she didnt even look up from what she was doing. i was totally snobbed!!

here are some pics from today.

before kindy i tried unsuccessfully to get some nice pics of brianna. she gave me alot of silly faces and refused to look half normal. but i just ran with it and didnt pressure her cos she was so super excited about kindy she couldnt be bothered stuffing around with photos. haha. but i think she looks so sassy in this photo:

here is her once we got to kindy. she went straight to the blocks and built a zoo with the kids that were there already.

i was amazed at how many bags kids need for kindy!!! she needed 1 backpack, and 3 drawstring bags for sheets, hat and spare clothes. i made her drawstring bags and also her cushion cover for naptime. i was so proud of myself cos although i desperately want to know how to sew i really dont have the time to learn! but im so happy with how these turned out, even if it was really basic.

i made three of the following design, but in varying sizes depending on what they were to be used for. and each one had a different wooden tag attached. of course u have to name everything. so i threaded a wooden minialbum page that i had decorated onto ribbon so it couldnt be pulled off. each wooden circle was covered in Basic Grey and Sassafrass Lass papers, some journalling rubons, AC stickers, Sass chipboard and CC alphas. they turned out real cute.

this cushion cover was a bit harder. i made two boo-boos but u cant really tell :) the back of the cushion is just the plain red polka dot material.

Anyways, I hope u all have a great night!! im gonna watch a movie while scrapping :)

In awhile crocodile.

xxx K

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AngeC said...

Hey Karen, Love that box - where does it come from? Ange xxx