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Friday, 7 November 2008

four blogger attempts ...

... that is how many times it took to get this post typed up! There was just too much to say and I kept having interruptions! So here is some insight into my last few weeks.

Liam turned 2
My last baby is well and truely not a baby anymore. a bit sad about that but i am more excited about what is to come. Liam is such a character. he is so funny and DEFINITELY cheeky!!! We had a pirate adventure party with buried treasure behind the shed (a box full of toys and chocolate coins), cannonball fights (waterbombs) and a pirate tattoo shop (I had 60+ pirate-themed temporary tattoos. Here is a his cake. I should have taken the photo BEFORE the candles were lit and blown out cos there is wax everywhere.

I made 30 of those sharkfins and used them on the top of the cupcakes. I had piped blue icing on them so that it was like water.

And here is my birthday boy!

Loss in the family
My mum's foster mother passed a couple of weeks ago. I won't go into detail but this really shattered my mum. A few days of my disappearance were due to going into Mackay early to be with her. I was sposed to be going in on a Tuesday but went in on Saturday instead. So I was gone for eight days in total. This woman saved my mum and I know I wouldnt be here if it werent for her influence. I just wish I had a chance to spend some time with her once I was older and could appreciate her a bit more. I just have a random memory of being at an avocado farm with her when I was really little. But she was in her 90s when she passed away so she lived a full life.

In the last two weeks Ive had three family photoshoots plus also my first wedding!!!!! So I have been BUSY editing photos. Its taking up every spare minute I have lately. You can see sneak peaks on my photo blog but I still have another about four hours worth of editing to do.

But then I have another three shoots coming up over the next ten days, so Ill still be editing once I finish these shoots :) Its so much fun though! I am really enjoying it.

There is some mega-exciting stuff happening over at Scrapware!!! I can't tell you yet, but Ill let you know when I can :) This includes a huge competition that you will just HAVE to enter!! Massive prize.

As you know, I have my KDD line through Scrapware, but I have also just taken on a new role there as well. I have taken on some employment doing some marketing for them and getting some of their other marketing-based designs done, including designing a kick-butt e-newsletter and such. So I start that next week which should be good! Itll be interesting getting back into designing html emails and such.

I have started getting all my Christmas stuff done. Last week I sewed my first dress!!!! It is SO mega cute and I wish I took a photo before giving it to my neice Hula. But I bought HEAPS of the same material and Im makig a similar dress for brianna. i wanted the girls to have matching christmas dresses at the family christmas party this year. i cant believe i made a dress. and that it actually turned out!!! i havent sewed anything except for paper since i was at highschool ten years ago. once i finish brianna's dress i will take some snaps. :)

all my christmas present shopping is completed so i dont have to worry about that! thankyou to oo.com.au for being so awesome with offering free shipping every now and then. thanks to that i got some awesome specials and finished all the shopping by the end of august.

The latest awesome Scrapboxx newsletter is out! Go check it out here. Here are my two layouts for this issue:

Over at the Boxx we are planning some AWESOME stuff for the girls for Christmas. So if you are looking for inspiration you will have to keep your eyes peeled :)

Scrapbook Creations
While gone I got contacted by Kim to do a quick lastminute article for the magazine using Kaisercraft stamps. Wow what a gorgeous pile of stamps I recieved!! Was so much fun! So once that is out ill pop some images on the site and do shares.

I havent recieved my latest issue of SC however I got a phone call from my mum who has a subscription and she said that I have a layout in there. This is one of my favourite layouts. My heart just melts at the photos, and the journalling is ALL TRUE!! She really said "mummy quick ... take my photo, I look beautiful". One of my favourite memories because it confirmed in me about how my daughter sees herself. She was just watching TV and I was standing behind the chair fiddling with my camera. She jumped up and turned around, said that quote and then struck that cute pose.

The Dozens - kit club in America
I got a cool opportunity this month to be the guest DT member for The Dozens kit club in America. I fell instantly and totally in love once I saw the kits and so have added a subscription to my chrissy wish list (family if you are reading this I hope you come through with the goods!!!)

Check out this awesome I got to play with:

Marni - this is the kit I was telling you about!!!!!!!!!!!! its totally YOU. It looks good up there but even better in real life ;)

Check out their kits here: http://www.thedozenskits.com/
And their blog here: http://avocadoishyummythings.typepad.com/thedozens/

I just went to the blog and Dana has described me as "colorful and bold, yet sweetly classic" ... its so odd hearing people describe your style when you don't even know what it is yourself! haha.

Tomorrow I will be back with some Dozens shares and also another layout :) I also have some huge news that totally blew me away. But unfortunately I cant share that until about January or so, but when Im allowed to I will :)

Over and out!
xxx K


Kristy said...

talk about long K wow you have been super busy 2 thumbs up for all the mag stuff way to go chickie and I love that kit I must go have alook!

Natalie said...

Glad to see things are on the up and up for you. I pop by from time to time and it was great to read such a positive and informative blog spot. all the best. Natalie (the Boxx)