Karen Day

Friday, 21 November 2008

Should I call this a blog-o-mercial?!?

Cos it seems like I have a whole lot of Scrapware news tonight, and I feel like one of the people on those info-mercials on TV during Dr Phil!!! :)

But tonight is the last night of the KDD Blog - and I have to just tell people what is going on! Im going to leave the blog up so people can go back and see layouts using KDD etc. But I won't be starting off any new blog posts there. There is HEAPS happening over at the new Scrapware Blog where I will be contributing:
  • BlogParty - happening next Sunday!!! Check out all the details HERE! There will be tonnes of giveaways throughout the two hours. So make sure you pop over for a visit or the whole thing. There will be heaps of chances to win yourself some free Scrapware and KDD.
  • Giveaway - there are three days left to get a chance to win an awesome Birdhouse. This is yet to be released and is oh so cute. So go enter!!
  • Heaps of the KDD Limited Edition Trees have been sold. Already we have sold nearly a hundred!!!! So if you want to get your Christmas cards done then order a stack of them before they go. Even if you have done this years cards you can grab some more for next year.
  • A new mega competition featuring a certain KDD product will be announced at the BlogParty. So get your scrapping fingers ready because this is a competition you will WANT to enter!!!! All will be revealed on the night!
  • And lastly -
    I have been doing some mega-simple Christmas Tree Cards trying to get as many finished before Christmas as possible! Check them out at the Scrapware Blog.

Wow, there is just too much to announce! too much fun stuff :)

Enjoy your weekend. Mine will be an emotional one that I will have trouble surviving. But Im not quite ready to share this online as its a bit personal. If I think about it I just want to cry. and Ive been crying a fair bit this last week and a bit. so I just try to push it aside for the now and deal with it tomorrow once Im in the thick of things. But it's life's experiences that teach us about what life is really about. But each hurdle you live through will teach you things and make you stronger.

xxx K


Kristy said...

WOW Karen heaps of stuff happening thats for sure!!!, I hope you survive the wkend I be thinking of you and I will send some good vibes ur way:) take care chickie!!!

Lisa said...

Hey Karen, have been visiting the new sw blog. Its kinda funky!! I really hope your doing ok. Im sending you a tonn of hugs yr way.

take care! Lisa. xx