Karen Day

Thursday, 13 November 2008

i have been SO blessed this year!!!!!!!!!!!

* warning: secret revealed early *

this year has been an amazing ... AMAZING ... experience for me. Ive found out stuff about myself, skills I didnt know I had, interests I didnt partake in before, and opportunities that have landed at my feet.

Ive been given an amazing position that I LOVE at scrapboxx, I was given the chance to do some design work for Ange at Scrapware, Ive gotten two magazine articles as well as I got cover at SC twice (my goal this year was to get cover once!), and ive had a few guest DT positions come my way too. Ive been invited to my FIRST scrapping retreat to teach in Augusta in March ... and then in April Im going to SIA thanks to Scrapware!!!

Plus my photography stuff is getting pretty big! I just did my first wedding a couple of weekends ago, and I just got a call from a school in Mackay wanting me to do a promo photo shoot for them in early December. Plus ive had a string of family shoots. So that all helps with the christmas bills!

But why am I telling you this?

Its just cos ive been realising the last few days just how lucky i am. ive been whinging alot lately about houses, kids sleeping (not sleeping), everyone in the family getting sick etc. and ive been thinking about how i need to "lighten up!". Ive had so much good stuff come out of this year that i need to focus on that, instead of the downer stuff.

But now Ive had ANOTHER blessing come my way :D This is the secret ive been holding out on you ;)

Two weeks ago I was contacted by Kim from Scrapbook Creations and she invited me to take over from Lusi Austin with a new column she was putting together :) So of course I said yes!!!! She invited me over the phone so I was trying to sound very professional and not squeal in her ear!!!!!!!! I said in my best cool calm and collected voice "yes well send me the documents when you have a chance and I will read them over". But as if I would turn them down :D

I wont tell too much because then what surprise would there be when it goes to print!!! But just very briefly the feature will be in every second issue. The first one I think is in next month's issue, so you wouldnt have seen them in the mag yet. Lusi has done the first two, and then my ones will appear afterwards. The feature is called "Show and Tell". So some of you ladies might be hearing from me soon to do some commissioned work!!!!! How exciting!

So anyways, if you read any posts with me whinging about how stuff isnt going my way, and Im being a total downer ... feel free to e-slap me through a comment and tell me to shutup. Because I need to focus on the good, not the bad :)

xxx K

PS. Is anyone else having trouble viewing TypePad blogs???

PPS. If you havent checked my blog in a few days scroll down cos there is an easy competition here on the blog :)

PPPS. Im working on a minialbum for Christmas 2007 so Ill have shares soon :) Im so glad Im scrapping this album as Ive wnted to do a chrissy minialbum forever.


Kristy said...

Well Karen I think you have been very blessed this year and even with the lows the good over powers!!! I am so excited for you and the new sc role I think its FANTASTIC and if I was as blessed as u had been this year I would Brag about it too. Congrats again Karen so very worthy of all that you have recieved:)

kerry said...

Karen thats fantastic i would be really proud of nyself as well you have acheived heaps well done.Well earned take care Kerry xx

Nae said...

Oh man your just getting higher and higher in the scrap world (so jealous!) Congrats on everything girl, You totally deserve everything that comesyour way. Special congrats on the articles you will be fabulous im sure of it.

p.s. heheheheh ESLAP!

I like it!

Love ya,
Love always, Nae xoxoxo

Manon Keir said...

Wow, that's so fantastic!! Congrats girlie, you so deserve it!!!!!

NikJustNik said...

Karen that is so AWESOME!!! Congrats to you...you so deserve it!!!


Elise said...

Woo Hoo!!! Well done Kaz!!! Can't wait to see then feature in the mag! iagree you have been very blessed this year , hope it continues for you next year Lord willing !!!!!!!
E x

Magical Moments with Me and Mine said...

Congratulations Karen on such a good year, we do tend to kept caught up in the small stuff dont we and miss the bigger picture but life is what we make of it and you are proof we can do anything and be anyone we want to be, goon onya!

Felicity said...

biggest congrats Karen.. what a wonderful year it has been and the year is not over yet!!!
Your work truly rocks and you deserve it all!!
Felicity x

Suzanne said...

Congratulations, I love that magazine and cant wait to read it.
That is a great year for you but you are allowed to whinge a little bit now and then.

marijana said...

WOW!!!!fab news and BIG BIG CONGRATS !!!!!!
cant wait to see it in the mag!!!!


Tammy Templeton said...

Hi Karen,
WOW what totally AWESOME news hun :0)
A big congratulations from me :)

Karen said...

So far so good - the year hasn't finished yet! They are fabulous achievements Karen, the rest is just happens.

Tam, Brad, Jasmine and Ethan said...

wow you have had a great year!
Congrats on the SC job, I look forward to seeing it in print!!
kind regards,