Karen Day

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

ten years today ...

my hubby and i started dating 1o years ago today :D wow what a long time!!!!

i had a major crush in him when i was in grade 10, i was 15 years old. it was one of those stare at him across the oval at lunchtime but only talk to him like twice in six months. he was in grade 12 so was totally out of my league. he was so hot in his little school shorts.

but then he graduated so wasnt at school anymore ... and so i moved on ;)

but then when i was 17, him and his mates started hanging out with me and my mates. some ups and downs with him chasing other girls, while i was dating other guys. but then i started falling for him again, but he didnt notice for a few months. we became best mates and he would confide in me when he was crushing on some other girl. it was hard cos i wanted to be more than friends but i just was happy to be his friend.

but then on 11 of november 1998 he called me while at his mates and asked me out for the movies ... and the rest is history :D

dating at 17, engaged at 18, married at 19. those were my ages, he is 2 years older than me.

lots of memories in those 10 years. mum has photos of us when we were dating. i really must find those in her photoalbums cos that was in pre-digital camera days!!!


hope yas had a nice day!


Kristy said...

WOW K ten years thats a long time but its so worth it I bet!!!!Hope u have a great day chickie!!!!

Anonymous said...

its 10 years for justin and me next feb!!!!! hard to beleive i have put up with him for that long! lol (ok hes not that bad - most of the time! lol)
heres to another 50 yrs!!