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Thursday, 20 November 2008

I didnt think this day would ever come ...

we are finally ... FINALLY ... moving house!!!!! Those who know me well know that for the last TWO and A HALF YEARS I have been trying to move out of this place! And come the 17th December it will finally happen! This place is just too small for us and the list of reasons why this house just doesnt work for our family is just too long.

So the house we are moving into has four bedrooms, is fenced (yay), has a big patio/deck, and has just recently been refurbished with a brand new kitchen, bathroom, and lots of other stuff. The owners have invested a fair chunk of money into it. And for that we are eternally thankful :D

I still havent even seen the inside yet!!!!! So Im just going off what they have told us.

So come mid December I will disappear until the beginning of January. Because we are moving in on the 17th, and then on the 22nd we go away for a week for Christmas holidays. Cant wait!



In other news I didnt realise Brianna's birthday was sneaking up on me!!! Normally Im planning birthday celebrations months in advance! But its in something like seven weeks!!!!!!!!!! Where has the time gone???

So after being inspired by some photos shared at Two Peas Im going to have an Alice in Wonderland Garden Party.

So I started organising this morning and went shopping. So far I have bright yellow circle paper lanterns (I want some hot pink ones in a different shape), heaps of crepe paper in tonnes of colours so I can make hanging crepe paper flowers from the branches, bright yellow tealight candles, lace placemats (these are SO cute!), and some gorgeous big bright fake flowers to make table centrepieces.

Here are the images that are inspiring me with my party planning. I know there are alot of pics below but I want them all in one place so i can easily find them if I need some more decorating ideas. Today I bought some AWESOME sherbet straws filled with pink, purple and blue sherbet. They are like 80cms long each, so are perfect for in flower vases :)

Photos from Jessica Claire:

And some more Jessica Claire (from another post there):

This is similar to how im going to have mine. But Im going to do a mix of lanterns and also crepe flowers and hang them vertically from the branches overhead. Im having the party at this gorgeous lush parkland in Moranbah (there are no toys here, just beautiful plants and trees).

And some inspo from Two Peas (she has heaps of pics here, but im only using a few to inspire my party):

And here is a cake ive found. I adore the colours of this! But I think will decorate it differently:

Here is some tips on making whimsical cakes. I tend to use this page when i bake the cake :D

Let me know if u have done a party like this before! Any ideas would be fabulous :)

xxx K

PS. I know Im sposed to have shares today but my computer is being lame. Troy set up a new network and my computer craps itself every time i try to get my photos from the other computer .... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Tomorrow Ill post them up.


Nae said...

Yay! You get to move. How exciting! Now you have to think about packing. YUCKO!

I have been thinking about having an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Party for my 24th but themed parties for older people are so hard. Someone never keeps with the theme. Anyways I am very jealous of your ideas! I bet Brianna isgoing to have a blast. She is so lucky to have a fabo mum like you.

Chat to you soon chicky. Love you.
Nae xoxoxo

Kristy said...

How cool is that party going to be cant wait to see the pictures!!! And woohoo you finially get to move house Im so excited for you and your Family:) the only bummer will be all the packing :( but the bigger better house is a positive!! take care chickie

Felicity said...

YAHOOO... you are moving, at long last!!! Karen I am super happy about that!!!
Love those pics of the party!!! how much fun plannining that.. cant wait to see pics.
have a great weekend.

MarniT said...

OH I'm so totally over the moon for you!!! that's fab news!! YAAAAYYYAYYYAYYAYY!

The party your planning looks like it's going to be simply amazing! I'm so coming....even if I'm not invited LOL! I'll even dress up!

Suzannah :o) said...

Dannielle Q had an ALice in Wonderland Party not so long ago... pictures were way cute! Check her blog....

Congrats on the new house!
take care