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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

my life is full of teacups, teapots & birds atm ...

ive been scouring around the thrift shops finding heaps of hidden treasures for Briannas party ... its been so much fun! Ive found some beautiful items that i cant believe people would give away! but i spose one mans trash is anothers treasure :)

i wont share any pics yet, as ill wait until i have found the 20 teacups (i call the style "nanna cups") and the 15 teapots I aim to reach. Im also collected little china/porcelin bird ornaments to decorate the table with. all adds to the "garden" theme!

my fav find so far is a gorgeous teapot shaped like a cottage! the lid of the teapot is the roof of the house - complete with a chimney even! next week im traveling back into mackay for a couple of photoshoots and a catchup with friends so ill go around the shops there and see what else i can find.

i am fearing that ill become a collector of teapots because i just love them! this party is kind of kick-starting my collection. my bro in laws pay me out a bit for drinking real tea out of a teapot ... but i promise you that a cup of tea tastes SO much better out of fine china!

Invitations are done (shown below with the addy/ph smudged out so u cant come stalk my kids!). i chose some images online from random places and brianna got to pick her fav one for her invites. she chose the image of Alice below. so im ordering the invites to be printed today and ill have them by Friday! YaY!

Im also just waiting for a quote on the cake pictured below to be made. Ive always made the cakes myself, so im feeling a bit weird ordering one in. but i will be making her cake for the "family party" we will be having on her actual birthday - the 14th January.

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