Karen Day

Monday, 17 November 2008

soooo ... tired ......

Zzzzzzzzz ......

tonight i just edited 70 photos from the wedding a couple of weeks back. today i decided on the spur of the moment that tomorrow im taking the kids into town for a spot of christmas shopping, to get our christmas tree, and to go to the lagoon for a picnic and swim. so that meant cramming three night-sessions of photo editing into one night! so thats why its 12:20am and im just going to bed.

maybe i shouldnt have done this! the kids will be up in five hours and ill be driving two hours to mackay. but ill be fine :) im a morning person.

my eyes are about to fall out of my head tho!

but i will still be finding a computer with net tomorrow so i can talk about a few exciting things going on at the moment :) itll be fun!

night peeps. luvs.

xxx K


Felicity said...

I hope you drive safely!!! Your kids will love shopping and getting the xmas spirit..
Take Care
Felicity x

Kristy said...

have fun shopping K and I hope u had a safe trip to town!!! I have done all my xmas shopping thank goodness.