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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

can i get your opinions ...

... on this wedding invitation (RSVP details have been changed to get rid of nasty stalkers haha)?? it would mean alot to me as ive never done a wedding invite before! i looked online a fair bit i found that wedding invites are generally quite simple. the below image would be printed onto ivory bazzill so that there is that delicious texture to the paper. and I was then going to find a bazzill the same colour as that red horizontal line (thats the colour of the bridesmaid dresses) and do something like THIS. See the purple one second from the right?? i was going to do that with some ivory straw. or maybe even a wide ribbon bow like the middle image???

i have no idea

opinions please :D

im thinking that maybe that horizontal line makes it look like a business card? feel free to tell me its crap LOL

Also - as for the wedding I went to last weekend here are a couple of pics ....

Even with my hair set in curlers and under the hair dryer thingo i still cant put my camera down. this is my photographing the bride-to-be :)

and here is Sally. so beautiful! just dont look at her feet. she got a spray tan done and her feet are soooo orange its not funny. actually .... it was VERY funny. i lied. hahahaha. we couldnt stop laughing when we were doing pedicures saturday morning.

Me and my man. he has a bit of a goofy smile here - but i still like the pic.

And me and Linda - another bridesmaid. i only just met her and she is so sweet.

Oh well - off to go finish my next KDD line. It was due yesterday ... my bad!!!

But before I go, Id better update my todo list so i keep on track:


1. Scrapboxx BOS layout - COMPLETED TWO LAYOUTS
2. Scrapboxx Feature 1 - COMPLETED
3. Five layouts for an SC article
4. Marijana's layout - my serious badness (sorry!)
5. Secret project that I cant share yet
6. SC Top10 layout for the beautiful Lusi :) - COMPLETED


1. Clean out my incredibly messy MM Tote
2. Clean out scraps boxes and get rid of at least 70%
3. Edit photos from Sally's Bridal Boudoir photo shoot - COMPLETED
4. Do the wedding invitation for Kat's wedding - NEARLY COMPLETED
5. Design the July KDD line.

xxx K


marijana said...

didnt you look HOT!!!!! :)

as for invites-pending how do you want them to look -
elegant (ribbon) or more casual (straw)?????
like the printed bit -looks great:)

kerry said...

Hi KAren well very swish you looked beautiful so did the other girls.I think maybe a bit to business card like.But i don have any suggestions i myself like pretty looking invitations.take care Kerryxx

Nae said...

Wow girl you look amazing! Purple looks great on you!

The wedding invites are cool. Love what you have done and really like the ideas you have. I think a ribbon would be nice and soften the whole invite up a bit (but will cost more) and the straw willmake it a bir more rustic. Depends on the stlye of weeding I suppose. Good luck finnishing them off. Cant wait to see the finnished product. Miss you heaps.

TatumW said...

if it was going to be that crad on its own then I'd probably loose the red line but given u are putting it inside red + ivory I think it will be fine. I'd go with the ribbon over the straw unless they are having a 'farm feel' kinda wedding...does that even make sense LOL! And u r forever beautiful too girly :) xx

Belinda Venables said...

Geez meez...you look fabbo!
Love the dresses colour too.

Personally - I love the invites. I have had those brushes before (before I wiped them off when my computer got a re-format...grrr) and I LOVE them to bits!

I don't think it looks too buisness card like. I think they look classy!

Have a fab day won't you.


linda said...

Hi Karen
Agree the red line make it look to business like, what about swirl around name and the names above and below each other. Would also use different font
Not sure if suggestions would work so feel free to ignore. Love your blog
Have a great day