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Monday, 5 May 2008

my FUN long weekend is over!!!! doh!

what a crazy fun weekend! so busy!

Friday night we had the KDD blog party - which was AMAZING!! We had over 120 visitors for the night, exactly 20 girls chatting, and lots of blog gatecrashing and giveaways :) thankyou so much girls for coming along and playing with me!

So that was a late LATE night, then we got up early in the morning to drive to mackay to stay there overnight. I went shopping and bought both liam and brianna their winter season outfits. yep - the WHOLE of winter! i got them PJs, socks, shoes, boots, new singlets, jeans, and some SUPER cute new going-out outfits. it was so much fun. brianna got lots of funky stockings, knee high socks and adorable footless tights. i love shopping for the kids. i spent a fair bit of $$$ though - but it had to be done. its already getting cold here in moranbah. i even picked up a few things for me. thank goodness troy hasnt logged into internet banking yet LOL. he will die! hahahaa

but now with all these new clothes i dont know what to dress the kids in. i want them to wear all of them at once! haha

after shopping saturday troy and i went out for dinner and went to a mate's place for boardgames while the grandparents babysat. so we didnt get to bed till about 2am saturday.

then sunday morning we went to the botanical gardens after breakfast for a photoshoot of the kids. they LOVED it. especially the little miniwaterfalls going under the bridge. ill show u some photos later :)

then we drove back to moranbah sunday night. finally - an EARLY night!! and yay for sleepins! brianna woke up this morning at 8:10 and liam woke up at 9:40. shock horror!! they were exhausted.

but then cos today was mayday we went to the big BMA party that gets thrown every year. its just like the show but its all free. cos we are a mining town BMA pay for it all every year. so much fun!! they have about 10 show rides and heaps of stalls.

so now im very very tired. Desperate Housewives starts in 5 mins so im off to make a HUGE cup of tea and sit back and relax.

goodnight my lovelies!! i got to use my new camera alot over the weekend so ill show u how it went. the photos turned out very well :)

mwah mwah!

xxx K

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