Karen Day

Monday, 19 May 2008

Its time to get organised!!!

Im taking some advice from the forever beautiful Tatum Woodruff. I have so much on my plate with so little mojo - so Im going to do up a to-do list to keep me on track, motivated, and organised. So starting today I will tick these off as I complete - even though Im not allowed to share online any of these yet. But the time will come when they can be shared :D You will just have to wait.

I luckily had a chance to scrap today while the kids slept. Its so lovely when brianna decides to nap :)

So here goes ... time to clear the brain ...


1. Scrapboxx BOS layout - COMPLETED
2. Scrapboxx Feature 1
3. Five layouts for an SC article
4. Marijana's layout - my serious badness (sorry!)
5. Secret project that I cant share yet
6. SC Top10 layout for the beautiful Lusi :) - COMPLETED


1. Clean out my incredibly messy MM Tote
2. Clean out scraps boxes and get rid of at least 70%
3. Edit photos from Sally's Bridal Boudoir photo shoot
4. Do the wedding invitation for Kat's wedding

hmmmmm I feel more motivated already!!!

xxx K


kerry said...

Goodluck with all the list Karen .take care Kerry

marijana said...

good luck with to do list:)

and seriously its ok WHENEVER you get chance to do my LO as longest it done by the end of the year :)
dont stress :)