Karen Day

Thursday, 22 May 2008

look what marni made me!!!

Isnt Marni Telford just wonderful!! A couple of months ago we had a sleepover and she came and stayed over my house overnight and i kicked out troy for the night. she took some pics of me and brianna that day which i LOVE. Anyways, she scrapped it for me in true Marni-licious style :D She gave it to me last weekend at Maccas (mmmmm mcCafe hot choccy).

Thankyou beautiful!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! MWAH!

And while Im here, this is a pic of my beautiful boy this morning while we were playing outside. I decided to put a cute shirt on him and try to get some pics. This was my fav. He looks so serious!! looove his beautiful big eyes.

And thanks for ur opinions about the wedding invite. I agree about the font and the strip - so ill have a play and see what works :) thankyou beautiful girlies!!!

xxx K


Belinda Venables said...

Beautiful layout - I did see it on her blog when I went for a nosey the other night...:D

Love the pic of your DS too - what a stunning little fellow!


kerry said...

What a lovely pic of your son Karen he is adorable.take care Kerry xx