Karen Day

Thursday, 15 May 2008

two posts in one day after a drought!! :)

wow - no posts for 10 days - then two in one day. im a good girl arent i! :)

i forgot that i did these two layouts for the April challenges at the Top50 site. thought i would share.

MOTHERS ARE A BLESSING. i got really arty with this one. lots of painting and colouring with coloured pencils. i love those prima paintables when i get them out. this is my mummy. :) this layout doesnt even come close to fitting in my scrapbook. the thick cardboard was bad enough, but then i had to go and mount the paintables onto foam tape cos it looked cool. so now it is sitting at mums place on a stand on the paino.

Check out the dimension ... i didnt even think of that when making it. my bad! :)

WEEEEEEE - liam adores slides. typical little adventurer boy. i didnt think of this at the time but now i have no white "e"s left. none. it was hard enough to come by as it was!!! i wasnt having a good night the night i did these two layouts was i?!!?? just wasnt thinking all night. haha. i really need more white alphabets now. :)

also - Ive updated the KDD blog with the latest release. So go check it out :D im so happy to be bringing out the second line. let me know what u think! but so far my fav i think is my fourth line. cant wait to show u :)

xxx K


dutchbird said...

I love tha mother lay out! Stunning!

kerry said...

Just beautiful Karen.take care Kerry xx

MarniT said...

these are cool K! Was so good to see you last weekend you were just what I needed....I just wish I did not live so far away.