Karen Day

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Getting there!

Yesterday ended up being a very scrappy day :D I was inspired by the To-Do list, and also a box of delicious goodies from the Boxx. So here is my updated list ... ready to work on again tonight!!!


1. Scrapboxx BOS layout - COMPLETED TWO LAYOUTS
2. Scrapboxx Feature 1 - COMPLETED
3. Five layouts for an SC article
4. Marijana's layout - my serious badness (sorry!)
5. Secret project that I cant share yet
6. SC Top10 layout for the beautiful Lusi :) - COMPLETED


1. Clean out my incredibly messy MM Tote
2. Clean out scraps boxes and get rid of at least 70%
3. Edit photos from Sally's Bridal Boudoir photo shoot
4. Do the wedding invitation for Kat's wedding

And because posts are always more fun with images, here is a little something I did for the last Scrapboxx Newsletter. I had forgotten to upload, so here it is :)

Apple tree :)

xxx K

1 comment:

Belinda Venables said...

Hey Karen...or shall I just call you 'Miss organised?' hehe.

Love the list...I love lists!
Great to see that you're getting through it all.

Love the layout and you're mini album in a previous post is adorable!