Karen Day

Friday, 30 May 2008

photography challenges/inspiration ???

i was just thinking tonight about how i would love to get more experimental with my photography. Just wondering if I decided to do it publically on my blog would ppl be interested in reading that sort of thing and maybe participating?

ive got lots of ideas but dont know if I want to do it on my own or share the experience here.

any thoughts? :)

xxx K


TatumW said...

For sure...I'd love to! I need something like that to make me actually learn how to use our camera properly! have a great weekend chicky...xx

Kristy said...

me too I would love to learn more about using my camera!!!!!!!!

Karen Day said...

i was thinking more challenges for TAKING the photo, not photo editing :) so itd be more like an inspiration point to then go and experiment with )

Kristy said...

Still sounds like a great idea

Marilyn said...

Would love to know how you get the great shots you do...I would love to know what settings you use on each photo so I can have a look at mine and learn!!! Does that make sense?? LOL I have the Canon EOS40D with a big Sigma lense (paid a fortune for it) but only use it on auto etc so would LOVE to learn more!